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Welcome to Eastern Shore Dance Academy!

We are proud to offer the finest in dance education to all of our students.

Regardless of whether a student wishes to pursue dance as a career, or is participating for personal development and enjoyment, we are committed to offering each student an education in dance that is based on the traditions of dance around the world.

We are proud to provide a strong foundation which develops students physically, intellectually, culturally, emotionally, and socially through the discipline of dance.


Class or Choreography Placement

The school faculty meets regularly to discuss the student’s progress and/or placement. It is our policy to offer appropriate opportunities to every child.

Placement decisions are derived from many years of teaching experience. Often a child is placed in a particular group or class where he or she will feel confident, in order to promote the development of self-esteem. Some dancers who are placed in a higher level become discouraged, only to lose their passion for dance. Others respond to the challenge of being in a class with dancers who are more proficient by pushing themselves to work harder. Placement is highly individual and the factors that go into the decision are complex. Please see the school’s director if you have questions or concerns about your child’s placement.


Student Handbook

Congratulations! You have just enrolled in the Eastern Shore Dance Academy, the only prestigious dance school with intensive training in Cambridge, Maryland.

The first step to becoming a successful dancer is making a solid commitment to your classes, rehearsals, and performances. Come to each class prepared to learn and without personal distractions. Class time is time to focus on yourself, so try to leave your concerns and worries at the studio door. True progress is made when you look at each class, rehearsal, or performance as an opportunity to become better at what you love to do. Dance full out, stretch a little further, become more aware of your technique, and make the most of every class.

Respect for the teachers and choreographers you work with is essential. Listen to each correction given, whether it’s directed to you or another dancer. A correction is an honor; it shows you how much a teacher cares about your progress as a dancer. Always say “thank you” when a teacher or choreographer offers you constructive criticism. Nothing can stop those students who apply themselves in every class and appreciate their teacher’s knowledge and experience.

All rehearsals are dedicated to choreography or “cleaning” the choreography. A dancer who misses a rehearsal holds back the progress of the entire group. Repeating the choreography from a previous session for those who were absent takes up valuable rehearsal time, which could result in a performance that is not up to par. When we clean choreography, we may also change it. Dancers who miss a cleaning session may not be properly prepared for the up- coming performance and could end up letting themselves, their team, or the school down.

Performances are your opportunity to show the world the results of your dedication and hard work. To make the most of this opportunity:
-  Arrive at performances at least one hour prior to the scheduled time (unless otherwise advised by your teachers).
-  Be sure you are properly warmed-up.
-  Present yourself in a professional manner, with costume pressed, shoes cleaned, and all accessories accounted for.
-  Go out there and show the audience how much you love to dance!

True progress is made when you look at each class, rehearsal, or performance as an opportunity to become better at what you love to do! 


For the Parents - We're in this together!

At Eastern Shore Dance Academy, we believe that a child’s success depends on the support of their parents or guardians. Because your commitment to the process makes an enormous difference, we encourage you to be a part of every aspect of your child’s dance education.

Our program relies on a positive atmosphere for our faculty, intensive participants and their parents; it promotes a positive learning experience for all involved. Cooperation between all parents is expected. Showing respect for the other parents, along with the students and faculty, makes an important impression on the children. You are a role model for your child in how to interact with others in a professional setting.

Your child’s presence at all classes, rehearsals and performances is imperative. The spirit of teamwork and the lesson of dedication are a big part of our school’s educational process.

Parents and teachers may look at a child’s progress from different perspectives. However, they share a common goal: to assure that every child receives the best possible training, both physically and mentally. Mutual respect between our faculty and our dancers' parents provides the children with the ultimate care and education.


Understanding Dance Education

As a parent, the financial support of your student is important, but of equal (or, perhaps even greater) value is your emotional support. Encourage your child to be the best that he or she can be without regard to what others may achieve. Dance is an individual art form; each child needs to achieve at a pace that’s comfortable for him or her. No two students will progress at the same rate, even if they experience the exact same training. It’s important to encourage the children to focus on themselves, give their all, and be satisfied with their own accomplishments.

Dance Education encompasses far more than technique or the steps your children will learn. We believe the discipline of dance training gives young people a better understanding of commitment by offering them the chance to learn, experience the spirit of teamwork and understand what hard work can accomplish.

Our goal is to educate the minds, bodies and souls of our students;  to teach them the skills needed for a successful life, whether or not they are able to stay involved in dance.


Dos and Don'ts

Some parents may compare their child’s progress or class or choreography placement to that of others in the program. Watch for this behavior in your children as well, and encourage them to focus on their own accomplishments. Looking to others for inspiration is a good thing; however, a negative focus or comparison distracts from the energy that could be focused on becoming a stronger dancer. In addition, speaking negatively about your child’s teachers, fellow dancers, or other parents in front of your child-or other students-could result in problems far beyond your original concerns. Often children will react to their parents in a way that imitates the parent’s behavior with other adults or authority figures.

Children learn important lessons from their teachers and parents, acquiring important behavior patterns through their example. Our school’s faculty takes that responsibility seriously. It’s our philosophy to encourage our students to feel, think and act respectfully to their peers, the adults in their lives and themselves.

All dancers are expected to attend their regularly scheduled classes in addition to all rehearsals and performances. A total of five class days per season may be missed. Any student with poor attendance will not be able to perform in our annual recital or any other performances.

Do not enter any classroom without prior permission. Every time someone enters and exits the dance room, it is a disruption to the teacher and the students. Also, if the teacher does give you permission to enter the class, we ask that you please remain in the classroom.

All dancers must show respect for their teachers at all times. Inappropriate behavior could result in dismissal from the program. 

If you bring children with you while your other child is in a dance class, please prepare something quiet for the other children to do. We cannot have running and shouting taking place in the waiting room. It is very difficult for desk staff to have a phone conversation or even a person-to-person conversation at the desk while such things are taking place. There is also the potential danger of a student running into someone or something. 

Please SLOW DOWN in the parking lot!  We understand that you are sometimes in a hurry arriving and/or leaving, however, the speed limit in the parking lot must be S-L-O-W. There are little ones going in and coming out who are not as aware of traffic as adults and older student are. 

ESDA students are often asked to perform as entertainment for different events within our community and surrounding area.  Only those classes and students who are chosen to perform will be able to participate in these extra performances. The decision is based upon the type of event and age-level of the performing group, as well as a student’s good behavior and excellent attendance.


Closings and Cancellations

The studio will be closed on Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter, Memorial Day and from December 24th thru January 1st for the Christmas holiday.  If there are any date changes, you will be properly notified.

When schools are closed due to inclement weather, please check our Facebook page and your e-mail. Make-up classes will be scheduled after 3 classes are canceled due to weather.

If your child is withdrawn at any time and then decides to return and reregister for a class or classes, he/she will be charged for a resigning registration fee. 

Classes will be canceled if there are not at least 3 students present including make-up classes. (This does not pertain to classes of 5 or less).


General Studio Information

FUN WEEK - ESDA will hold a “fun week” once a month as a way to incorporate a little fun at the studio. Please see the board for the monthly listings.

STUDIO SALES - We hold sales a few times within the year for such things as DVDs for shows, t-shirts and ESDA sweat suits, duffle bags and garment bags. We only accept cash or check for these purchases. The due dates for these purchases will either be on the 1st of the month or the 15th of the month. All sales will be posted on the board and the website. There will be billings on-line for the items for proper record keeping, you cannot however, pay using a debit or credit card.

SCHOLARSHIPS - We host a scholarship fundraiser every spring to award scholarships to as many deserving dancers as possible. The scholarship helps families with the tuition costs for the next dance season and recognizes them for their hard work and dedication. Donations are also accepted for the Scholarship Fund. Please see the desk personnel if you wish to donate or know of a business that would like to make a donation.


Additional Studio Rules

Advertising for any other local studios (including performing) is strictly prohibited.

Choreography of any kind that is taught at Eastern Shore Dance Academy is the property of Eastern Shore Dance Academy and cannot be used for any reason without prior notification to, and approval from, the artist/teacher. Use of a teacher’s choreography is strictly prohibited without prior permission.

Parent's must notify ESDA in the event that your child is sick. It is requested that anyone who has or has had a fever, upset stomach, heavy congestion or anything contagious the day of class, be kept home and not brought to class. 

If you are interested in arranging private lessons for your child due to missed classes, lack of understanding, etc., you must make the arrangements with the office in advance. Your child must be approved for the private lesson by his/her teacher and director prior to the lesson, and it must be paid in cash prior to the lesson. Please see the 1/2 hr and 1 hour fees chart for ESDA’s teachers.

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